McGruff, mushrooms and the donkey


McGruff and and I were high on shrooms one Saturday afternoon. Now McGruff is named after the Crimedog character because one of the other guys in the house would always steal his mystery date, but that’s another post.  We start walking through the house just admiring the wallpaper and Millhouse pulls us into his room. Now Millhouse was quite the observant type and this was no exception. The sheer joy on his face that he could share what he had just seen was reason enough to follow him. That, and I was hallucinating and not up for confrontation. 

Millehouse is like “Booger, you have to check this out.”

So McGruff and I go into the room and there is this guy, Bick, with a Royals jersey on, pants off in a loft about eight feet off the ground. Now Bick was a skinny guy when we met him. Over time though he drank so much beer and ate so many chicken wings that he was referred to as “The Guy Who Ate Bick.” Anyway Bick has this girl in the loft with him (he would eventually marry this chick) and he is going to town on this girl.

Bick is starting back about three feet and then somehow charging on his fat knees to penetrate this woman and succeeding. All the while, Bick is making animal sounds and grunting, phonetically it sounded like “hu- ah” and resembled a donkey being gang raped. Not that I’d know.  Its like kama sutra and she is just loving it. 

Meanwhile, Millhouse is sitting there on a sofa watching – front row seat. Legs folded, smoking a camel cig, drinking Mountain Dew.

McGruff and I are hallucinating so much we can’t believe what we are seeing.

McGruff and I left, and I guess Millhouse watched till the end credits.


~ by thebooger on August 21, 2008.

One Response to “McGruff, mushrooms and the donkey”

  1. “The guy who at Bick” – classic.

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