University Rules

The year before I matriculated a guy nearly fried himself at a big greek street party called, “Bid Day Bash”.  Well legend has it that this guy was a townie from a local high school.  He was so whacked on free keg beer that he took a dare from someone in the shoulder to shoulder streets to climb to the top of a telephone poll.  Supposedly there was a can of beer waiting up there with his name on it.  Well all did not go well for this guy.  He fell, landing on electrical wires.  You know what happens when you land on electrical wires.  You burn.  This guy apparently had a rough one.

Because the streets were closed to traffic and thick with Greek drunks, the emergency vehicles couldn’t make it to the rescue.  Cop cars were rocked back and forth by the crowd.  It was an ugly scene. 


In response, for the safety of all students, the university decided to ban all kegs.   

How did that work out?  Well, the first fraternity party I attended was a “Social” where drinks were free.  Not beer, no that was banned.  Instead I drank free vodka, tequila and everclear until my gut hurt.  Thereafter every social budget was spent on hard liquor.  The harder the better.   I can’t even count how many times we had to call 911 for alcohol poisoning.  I’m sure it would have been much worse with beer.

Good call university.

Here’s the link to the story:


~ by Stan Gable on August 23, 2008.

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