The Paper Boy

So there was this guy they referred to as “Paper Boy” – never knew why. Anyway, he was a cheap broke ass mofo. His best trick was scamming pizza. He would order two pizzas. One would be some crappy large pizza with olives and the second would be some meat filled goodness. He would order both pizzas to be delivered on the same street about four houses apart. The street ran parallel to the the house. Then he would wait. 

Lurking behind the trees as the Dominoes guy would pull to the first house, the Paper Boy would sneak into the backseat of the delivery car and grab the second pie. 

Then run like hell. 

I think he did this about once a week to a variety of pizza places around town. Surprisingly, they kept coming. Ah the days before caller ID.


~ by thebooger on August 26, 2008.

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