How did this guy get a bid

So during one rush week, me and Glass were paired up to meet with guys making the rounds through rush. There were like eight sessions during the day, usually for like an hour each. After about four of these hours you are pretty much spent. This went on for three days. If you made it to the third day, you got a bid. 

So Glass and I are going through rush week, writing down names of guys we like, guys we don’t. We meet this one guy who shows up in a Quite Riot T-shirt with short-shorts – black if I recall. This guy was a hill-billy, not a “face-guy” and wasn’t a fit. Nice enough guy, just seemed a little too death metal for our house. So the end of the day comes and the rush chair is reading off names. Everyone is “yes, no, hell-no!” and so on. 

Glass looks at me and ask “What was the name of that death metal guy?” I raised my shoulders. No idea. Glass and I agree that if he shows up on day two we’ll cut him. 

Day two arrives and Glass and I are back at it. Talking to some of the guys we met the day before, mingling, bullshitting, etc. So after about five groups, Glass and I decide to take a session off. We go into the side yard and smoke a joint. Come back in the house and play twisted metal in his locked room until the session is over. Session seven starts up and we are back in play. 

Rush chair goes through the lineup, “yes, no, hell-no” and Glass and I contribute. 

So on the third day in walks Death Metal Guy. Glass is like, “Fuck.” The rush chair is all over us, asking how this guy got through. We plead the 5th. So this guy signs the house. 

All in all, he ended up being a likable guy and a good brother. It is kind of funny though, how different his college experience might have been if we hadn’t gotten stoned on the second day of rush!


~ by thebooger on August 27, 2008.

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