The Lowe Blow

Country boy meets prep meets roid rage.  That sums up Lowe.  Whenever he entered the room you always took a serious punch to the arm or the leg.  He threw stunners.  He was always talking about his private parts, referring to his penis as “The Donkey”.  He was actually a fun guy to hang out with, but only in small doses. 

One day Lowe decided to play bartender and make a group of guys a round of drinks.  I don’t know what was in the drink but I heard it was damn good.  He said that he invented it.  He called it the “Lowe Blow”.  When asked what was in it he said, “50% Vodka, 25% Rum, 10% Fruit punch, 25% Ice….”
Dave, one of the guys witnessing this exhibition of math, said, “But Lowe, that all is more than 100%.”


To this Lowe responds, “because the ice melts you dumbfuck.”


~ by Stan Gable on September 3, 2008.

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