Fraternity and Sorority Nicknames

Sigma Nu – Sigma Newer

Phi Delt – Fry Delt

Alpha Omega Pi – A Oh Piggy Pie, Animals on Parade

Zeta Tau Alpha – Zits tits and Armpits

Kappa Kappa Gamma – Catch a case of gonorrhea

Kappa Delta – Kum Dumpsters, Keg Drainers

Sigma Chi – Sig Machi, Machis

Beta Theta Pie – Baked Potato Pie

Delta Chi – Felta Guy

Sigma Kappa – Sigma Cattle

Kappa Sigma – Kappa Scwhag

Alpha Chi Omega – Almost Chi Oh

Alpha Delta Pi – Another Dirty Pussy, After Dinner Pie

Pi Kappa Phi – Guy Phis

Delta Gamma – Dick Gobbler

Kappa Alpha Theta – Dikes with Kites

Delta Upsilon – Delta Oops I signed. 

Pi Kappe Alpha – Pi Kappa Anyone

Sigma Phi Epsilon – Sigma Phi Hair Salon

Alpha Tao Omega – You can’t spell faggot without ATO

Sigma Alpha Epsilon – Scooters and Egos, Same Assholes Everywhere

Alphi Phi – Alpha Flea

Alpha Epsilon Pi – Apes

Lamda Chi Alpha – Lamb Chops

Alpha Gamma Rho – Ag Dogs


~ by thebooger on September 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Fraternity and Sorority Nicknames”

  1. Lamba Chi – Rammed a Guy;
    Alpha Delta Pi – Animals, Dogs, Pigs;
    Delta Zeta – Easy DZ;
    Sigma Alpha Epsilon – Somebody Anybody Everybody, Sexual Assault Expected, Snort Absolutely Everything, Southern Asshole Elitists, Sigma Alpha Anyone;
    Alpha Chi Omega – A Chi Ho, Alpha Cows;
    Kappa Kappa Gamma – Half-a Half-a Gramma, Kappa Tap a Kegga, Viss Visa Mastercard;
    Delta Delta Delta – Try Delta: Everyone else has.

  2. Nice work Patrick. Alpha Cows and Animals, Dogs, Pigs are new ones for me.

  3. Alpha Delta Pi / ADPi – Eighty Pound Thighs, Ate a Pie
    Theta Chi – Date A Guy, Tachis
    Alpha Chi Omega – Alpha Chi Ho-mega
    Detla Zeta – Sleazy DZ
    Alpha Sigma Alpha – Alpha Pig

  4. Lambda Chi Alpha – we call it Slammed-a-guy here, sounds more like lambda

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