Fraternity Room Names

Wondering if every fraternity names their boarding rooms? We had some pretty good names. Here are some of the best and the explanations when known. Feel free to add you own.

Homecoming – I think about 10 brothers got laid in the same room in the same time during one homecoming event. Gable? Help me out here. 

Malibu Carrot – No idea. 

Armpit – Room was in between the original house and the new edition. The way the hallway bent and the house faced, it felt like an armpit. 

Furnace – it was hotter than piss in that room. The guys who lived in there never got laid because they had the reputation of always being sweaty.

Crushed Red Velvet – something to do with the carpet either on the floor, or some red headed chick someone nailed. Maybe both.

Busch Room – Someone painted a Busch Beer logo on the wall. It was huge.


~ by thebooger on October 3, 2008.

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